Claudia Pitts, PhD
Executive Director
Known for her intuitive and wise approach to empowerment, Dr. Pitts is an experienced, eclectic cognitive-behavioral therapist who treats individuals and couples focusing on the treatment of anxiety and depression. Professional, kind, and knowledgeable, Dr. Pitts works with families and individuals dealing with transitions, chronic illness, divorce and grief, and loss. In professional practice since she received her degree in 1992, she currently serves as an associate professor at National Louis University, where she directs the Master’s in Psychology program.

Melanie Terbovic, PhD
Clinical Director
Dr. Terbovic is a seasoned clinician who works with adults, children, and families with special expertise in the challenges of both older adults—including grief and adjustment to physical changes—and those of children (age 4 and up). Skilled in ADHD evaluation and treatment and the cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, she is also experienced in using tools such as meditation and mindfulness. Dr. Terbovic has practiced mindfulness and meditation for 35 years, and has studied with renowned teachers including Thich Nhat Hanh.

James David, PhD
Dr. David is a clinical psychologist with a background in psychotherapy and stress and coping research. Known for his empathetic, patient and forward-focused approach to helping adults cope with past trauma, stressful life events, medical conditions, anxiety and depression, and recovery from problematic substance use, he is respected for his research on relationships and personality. Dr. David earned a doctorate from the University of Iowa in 1997 and held fellowship and research scientist positions at the University of California - Irvine, Department of Psychology and Social Behavior. He also spent several years in the San Francisco Bay Area where he completed specialized post-doctoral clinical training.

Elizabeth “Liz” Vinik, LCSW
Liz graduated from George Williams College with her Master’s degree in Social Work. Now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she has worked with children and adults of all ages and from various cultures and lifestyles. Liz has extensive experience helping clients to resolve crises and to cope with traumatic events. Liz primarily uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with an emphasis on mindfulness, to help those struggling with anxiety, depression and other disorders.

Edward K. McGarrigle, PsyD
Dr. McGarrigle graduated with bachelor's degree in psychology from Lake Forest College in 1980 where he was awarded the Sterling Price Williams Prize in Psychology. He received his Masters Degree from George Williams College in 1982 where training emphasized Psychodynamic and Client Centered therapies. He worked for several years at a community youth and family counseling center, Roosevelt University with a diverse student population and Lake County Health Department with members of the community. After completing his doctorate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 1996 he functioned as a clinical supervisor at a theraputic day school and later as the clinical supervisor and therapist at a large psychiatric practice. His approach still relies heavily on the empathic and psychodynamic underpinnings of his yearly training, as well as incorporating the cognitive and behavioral strategies needed to implement positive changes in behavior and attitudes. Dr. McGarrigle believes that the goal of therapy is simply to help others to enjoy meaningful relationships with others and to make their contribution to society, whether that be in the workplace, school, or community.

Marybeth Urbin, LCSW
Marybeth graduated in 1996 from the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC), Jane Adams School of Social Work with a Master's degree in Social Work. Her work has encompassed adults and children who have witnessed and/or experienced the trauma of domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness. Following retirement from full-time work in 2017, Marybeth has returned to working with children and families who are challenged by past trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. Marybeth provides play therapy for children believing that play is the best method for children to work through these issues. In addition she partners with parents providing support necessary for children to live full and rewarding lives.